About Saco STEAM

The Saco Alliance for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (Saco STEAM) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation designed to support K-8 education in Saco, Maine.  

It was founded when a small group of parents and other interested Saco residents started noticing each other repeatedly at school board and city council budget meetings.  As we realized that Saco Schools lacked the strong public advocacy foundation seen in our neighboring communities, informal conversations become formal meetings. We went full speed ahead and SacoSTEAM was born.  

With a passion for supporting our kids and their teachers, SacoSTEAM has a three part mission.  

  • First, we want to serve as public advocates for educational resources in Saco.  This is why you’ll see us in front of the School Board and City Council at budget time.  You’ll also see our letters to the editor and other forms of advocacy.
  • Second, we want to raise educational standards and practices (outcomes) in Saco.  We believe K-8 education in Saco can, and should, be among the best in Maine. We want our students well-prepared for Thornton Academy and to thrive as future leaders and citizens.  
  • Third, we want to build connections between the educational community and the rest of Saco.  A healthy community requires healthy schools. We believe that education works best when it meets community needs.  We also know that community engagement with the amazing things our kids and teachers are doing is key for building support for our schools.  

Our primary activity is distributing grants to fund teacher-initiated projects.  Sometimes the school budget just isn’t enough. A teacher may have an initiative that just doesn’t fit into the normal system.  Innovative, small scale or high-risk projects can sometimes fall through the cracks. This is where we step in. Raising funds from the community, we will fund small to medium sized teacher-initiated projects that are likely to have an impact on STEAM education in Saco K-8 schools.  

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SacoSTEAM exists because of direct support from individuals and organizations within our community who care.



Mike Burman *
Tracey Collins *
Christina Michaud
Emily Walters


Steve Shiman *
Tony Palleschi *

* Founders

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