We love Saco Schools. They have amazing and hard working teachers. The principals care deeply about our children. We know they do their best with meager resources. While some say you cannot just throw money at the problem, we believe you also get what you pay for. In fact, Saco gets a good deal. Looking at the chart above, you’ll see that Saco Middle School’s (SMS) english proficiency rate is 1 percentage point higher than the state average. Our per pupil spending is well under the state average. That’s a testament to the hard work our teachers have done in a period of significant instability with RSU entry and withdrawal and changing superintendents. However, looking at the results, you’ll also note the strong relationship between school spending and results. We think Saco can do better.

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As a community, Saco needs to decide what type of education we want. The school budget is always controversial. We don’t want to pit our children against our neediest citizens. Yet, we need to decide, are we content with average education for below average costs or do we want better for our kids? We will build upon this by supporting proven, interactive, hands-on learning through small grants to enhance our children’s learning. We also are advocating for passing the budget and supporting our kids.

On the right track

The school district has already made large improvements in recent years. We’ve seen our proficiency scores move from well below the state average to exceeding it slightly. We want to recognize the progress made and keep moving it forward.

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